Google celebrates 13 inspirational women for International Women’s Day

In order to celebrate the International Women’s Day which began in the early 1900s, Google honors the day with a Google Doodle that celebrates 13 trailblazing women and their incredible stories.
The Doodle is presented in a slideshow format and begins with a bedtime story that a grandmother tells her young granddaughter; this is no typical childhood bedtime tale, but instead is the ultimate narrative of 13 truly inspirational women, from all fields, eras, and countries.
The slideshow begins with American journalist and activist Ida B. Wells and concludes with Suzanne Lenglen, a French tennis star, with appearances in between from a variety of women ranging from Sally Ride, an American astronaut who was the first woman in space, to Mexican Painter and activist Frida Kahlo.
TIMES/Nora P./Omolayo.A