Governing councils for 23 federal universities inaugurated

By,Temitope Mustapha,Abuja

Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu

The Federal government has inaugurated Governing Councils of 23 Federal Universities in Nigeria.

Inaugurating the Council Members in Abuja, the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu called on the councils to join in the war against corruption and broaden the Internally Generated Revenue base of each university .

Adamu emphasized the diversification of sources of funding, he challenged the council members to provide support for the university adding that the federal government cannot carry the burden alone.

The Minister who called on the councils to join in the war against corruption, charged the them to monitor effective entrenchment of functional committee systems and should support the management as they implement policies and decisions of the governing councils.

Adamu tasked the governing councils on setting policies and also define the directions.

“The council shall select and appoint as the vice chancellor, one candidate from among three candidates recommended to it under subsection 3 of this and thereafter inform the visitor.

In handling disciplinary issues related to the vice chancellors, council members must demonstrate a great deal of maturity, patience and tact to consult widely at all times.”

The Minister charged the members to study laws and statutes, government policies, white papers, circulars, gazettes and other relevant documents that will assist them in taking decisions.

He pointed out that “if any governing council fails in its statutory responsibility of properly managing the governance crisis in its university, including appropriate sanctions on erring officers,after following due process  and due diligence,such a council shall be dissolved for incompetence.”

On the removal of the vice chancellors, the minister stated that , they may be removed from office by the Governing Council on grounds of gross misconduct or inability to discharge the functions of their office as a result of infirmity of the body or mind, at the initiative of the council, senate or the congregation after due process.