Government advised to pass law on sexual harassment

Ifeoma Owoh, Lagos

Government at all levels have been advised to pass a law that would protect women from being sexually harassed.

A Nigerian physician, Dr Bunmi Ogundimu said that sexual harassment on women should be discouraged since women play vital roles in the development of any society.

Dr Ogundimu said that women are vessels of honour and should be respected in any field they find themselves.

She added that sexual harassment can be eradicated through enlightening the people in mosques, churches and schools.

Ogundimu advised government at all levels to enact a law against sexual harassment, as well as establish a specialist desk in the police stations to deal with such complaints.

This advice was given after the disclosure that about seventeen women who have served as ministers in France were sexually harassed in politics.

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of France’s parliament, Denis Baupin, resigned over sexual harassment claims, which he denies.

All seventeen signatories to the declaration are current or former ministers.