Group advocates positive use of internet

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

The Internet Society Nigeria Chapter has urged Nigerian youths to direct their minds towards profitable ventures on Internet.

The call was made by Internet Society Nigeria Chapter and the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria (ICLDNG) during the celebration of this year’s Safer Internet Day held in Lagos South-West Nigeria.

The Executive Director of ICLDNG, Mr Felix Iziomoh said that the essence of the programme was to sensitise the youths on positive use of internet and how they could be more productive while using it.

According to him “It is an annual event. We started last year and it was held at a private school and we decided to bring it to the public school this year so as to spread the message on positive use of internet among the youths and to let them know that opportunities abound on internet.”

Iziomoh who explained that the centre has been trying to get the government to support the process, stressed that the subsequent event will be more holistic in approach.

Murtala Ariyo an EFCC official at the eventControl Mechanism

During his presentation, an official of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC, Murtala Ariyo told the teeming youths that there are enormous opportunities on the internet contrary to the fraudulent activities in it.

Ariyo who delivered a paper on ‘Risk and Consequences of Engaging in Cybercrime’ said the Commission was a social control mechanism which ensures a corruption-free nation.
He said that it was unlawful to indulge in any unscrupulous act on internet as stringent measures have been structured by the government to prosecute anyone caught in the web of Cybercrime.
“You must be careful with who you interact with on internet and how you share information. As a student, you can conduct research on internet, share information, communicate with people, as long as you do it within the ambit of the law you are safe. Spread the message to your friends at school” he said.
‘The Use of Social Media’ was another session which captured the attention of the audience. The presentation by a Digital Media Manager, Olamide Egbayelo shed more light on how internet users abuse information on social media and deny themselves the benefits accrued for a better usage of the medium.
Egbayelo noted that information flows on social media are sometimes distorted and this leads to most inaccurate information received. She said “you don’t just take every information on social media. You must ensure that they are verified”.
Agents of Change
The programme coordinator of ICLDNG, Iziomoh Emmanuel maintained that the time to engage the youth is now, having observed Nigeria’s image on cyber activities.
“When you talk of Internet, Nigeria has a bad image and this event is designed to access the next generation and instil in them leadership quality which will make them good ambassadors of the country. We want them to change the foreign impressions about us,” Emmanuel said.
Entertainment and Technology

The Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria Lagos Chapter, Mr Don Pedro Aganbi, urged the Nigerian government to invest in technology.

“I want to see my President using technology to track corruption, let us employ the use of technology in the way we present our budget so as to prevent the recent Budget brouhaha”.
Aganbi however advocated the fusion of entertainment and technology to drive development.

Invited studentsReactions
Some of the participants applauded the organisers of the event, asking for the replication of such gestures to other parts of the state.

The students who were very active at every session of the programme also requested for more in order to allow their colleagues in other schools share in the knowledge.

Safer Internet Day is organised in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

The Safer Internet Day 2016 is themed “Play Your Part for a Better Internet”.


  • Odetola Tolulope

    The internet play a big role in promoting a nation and also portraying the bad image of a nation or country, the internet also shapes peoples ideas and create a certain image for an individual or communities. Having said these, I think the internet should be used for positive things to promote a country and portray a good image of the country to the outside world, to enable free flow of information amongst nations and also peace and unity. The internet therefore should be used for a good cause and not the opposite.