Honest Leadership can improve Nigeria’s development ranking- Balarabe

Aliyu Othman, Abuja

Nigeria can become the fifth most developed nations in the world in twenty years with honest leadership in government.

The former Governor of old Kaduna state and presidential candidate of the Peoples Redemption Party PRP in past elections, Alhaji Balarabe Musa said in Abuja while speaking on Voice of Nigeria programme “In the News” that it is possible for Nigeria to attain the fifth developed nation position based on the available resources with determined leaders.

He said “what is required is a viable guiding system by  a forward looking government that will involve the states producing the required technical knowhow to achieve the set objectives in Nigeria”.

“  with the resources, the population and guiding system Nigeria can be one of the fifth most developed countries in the world within twenty years…. this can happened and it is possible”

“It will involve for instance the federal government saying to every state produce one thousand engineers. We want to put in this forward looking system which will make Nigeria the fifth most developed nations in twenty years”

He noted that Nigeria requires a vigorous and honest government with good leadership to achieve the desired development for the required change to be achieved.

Economic recession

Balarabe Musa said Nigeria’s economic recession required sincere approach away from the traditional ways to be managed which should involve raising the level of productivity in the country.

He said Nigeria must change the socio economic and political system presently obtained to get out of the economic recession.

“Nigeria’s recession involves dependence on imports, failure to export, weakness of Nigeria currency, corruption, unemployment and many others”

He said “whatever anybody says unless we raise the level of productivity, rely more on our own output and less on imports, take care of currency and strengthen it, we can’t avoid recession”

Balarabe Musa said Nigerians want a change that will ensure public interest first not self interest that will bring about a system that would ensure the state or government plays a leading role in the economy to ensure peace, equality, justice and progress for the development of the country.

Restructuring Nigeria

The veteran politician said there was the need for restructuring of Nigeria but the idea and approach differs from those calling for disintegration which is undesirable.

Balarabe Musa said Nigeria needs desirable restructuring that will make things work faster; ensure unity and faster growth for the development of Nigeria.

“We want a restructuring of Nigeria involving first return to the regional arrangements where we can have six or eight regions. We had three or four regions before and each region was competent enough to handle its own affairs and the resources under its control were sufficient enough to control the affairs within the region. We want a return to that arrangement”

“You will have eight regions that are capable and viable that can within the combined resources lead to the development and progress of the regions. At the moment we have 36 states and FCT this is cure tic none of them is viable, even Lagos when you come to modern management may not even be viable” 

INEC and elections

Balarabe Musa also called for the amendment of the Independent National Electoral Commission enabling law to make it independent and stop the various appointments of commissioners by the President.

He said ”INEC is not independent and for INEC to be independent the government in power must not have a hand in the appointment of Chairman, Commissioners and even Resident Electoral Commissioners in the states.”

He stressed that the political parties should lead in the vanguard for the review of INEC’s enabling law to elections conduct to make it more transparent and credible.