House of Representatives to strengthen anti-corruption laws

The House of Representatives will strengthen the nation’s anti-corruption laws to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade, Rep. Abdulrazak Namdas, chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, has pledged.

The legislator who made the pledge in Abuja, said that comprehensive review of existing anti-corruption legislations were being undertaken by Parliament to give the President the legal muscle in the war against corruption.

The lawmaker said: “the House supports the anti-corruption stance of the President.

“The House of Representatives has an agenda to support the anti-corruption programme of the federal government.

“We have made consultations on ways to strengthen our laws in that regard.

He urged Nigerians to encourage the president adding that “If not for corruption, Nigeria would have made more progress.

 “The president’s anti-corruption war is no longer selective because the executive, the legislature and the judiciary are now being accused.

“It is vicious circle; it has gone round.”

Namdas urged the media to hold politicians accountable for their promises and actions.

“When you are elected as a politician and you do not do the things you promised, Nigerians do not hold you accountable the way they hold leaders of the western world.

“But then this a nascent democracy- we are growing and hopefully we will get to that level,” he added.

The chairman said that the ongoing US Presidential campaign had shown how the press should hold politicians accountable for their actions.

He however lauded the vibrancy of the Nigerian press which ensured that democracy was restored to the country.

He urged Nigerian journalists to intensify their efforts in investigative journalism to make them effective agents of progress in the polity.