Human Rights Commission gets thumbs up from Journalists

Ebele Okoye, Abuja

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, has pledged its commitment towards the protection of all forms of human rights in Nigeria.

Executive secretary of the commission Prof. Bem Angwe made this pledge while receiving a group of top journalists from the top private media organisations in Nigeria who call themselves the New Nigeria Conversation, who are seeking to partner with the commission in its duty of sensitizing the Nigerian populace about their rights.

In his opening address, leader of the New Nigeria Conversation, Mr. Samuel Udaudu, while pointing out areas which the group are soliciting for partnership with the commission, poured encomiums on the Human Rights Commission and its executive secretary, who have been at the fore front of every major case pertaining to rights violation, without fear or favour towards whoever is involved in the issue.

“We followed the activities of this commission and we will like to say, you are doing well, for giving this commission a higher public visibility since it came about. We said so having this in mind, the fact that, looking at the general security situation in the country and looking at so many social issues that are arising, the economic challenges, there are so many issues that have to do with human rights violation in this country and sometimes we wonder how much can the commission handle out of issues such as communal clashes, political conflicts, the latest herdsmen and community clashes, one of the latest high profile cases being the Shiite and the Army clash,” the chairman said.

Mr. Udaudu also went on to explain their reason for wishing to partner with NHRC.

“And so we feel the commission is a very strong pillar of our democracy and for it to succeed, it needs the support of well-meaning individuals, groups and all good patriots of this country and that is why some of our activities, we decided to pick some of the things you do and promote them based on the fact that they enhance the quality of human rights and they support social justice, and that is a commendable effort. The reason why we are here is to say that we like what you are doing and it is in line with the mission that we came to promote, and so we will like to partner with you in terms of some of the projects that you execute.” He said.

In his response, Executive Secretary of the Commission, Prof Bem Angwe thanked the group for their wonderful initiative, explained the need for strong democratic institutions in any democracy.

“For democracy to strive in any given country, we need very  strong democratic institutions. The National Human Rights Commission as an institution is one of such institutions that ensure that democracy is deeply rooted in any society. So we are very happy and proud of your determination to ensure that the National Human Rights Commission is strengthened,to ensure that the National Human Rights Commission Rises to the challenges that will position it as an institution, that will enable the commission discharge its obligation of being an extra-judicial mechanism that will ensure the promotion, protection and enforcement of the rights of Nigerians.”The Human Rights boss explained.

Prof Angwe pledged the support of the commission for the New Nigerian Conversation group as it makes giant strides towards informing the people of their rights. He also said that NHRC and its human resources will be available to the group as they carry out their duties.

The Executive Secretary also disclosed that the commission in no distant time will make its findings on the clash between the Nigerian Army and the Shiite sect, known to the public.

Confidence O.