ICRC donates operational vehicles to Nigerian Red Cross Society

Salisu Waziri, Abuja

The international committee of the Red Cross ICRC has donated five operational vehicles to the Nigerian Red Cross Society to boast its humanitarian activities in the north east region in Nigeria.

While presenting the vehicles, the deputy head of delegation Helene Plennevaol said the gesture was part of the ICRC efforts to strengthen the Nigeria national society as it carries out its humanitarian work.

“We have over the years being working with the Nigerian Red Cross Society to help people affected by arms conflicts we believe this will further strengthen our relationship,” she noted.

Receiving the donation, the acting Secretary General of the Nigerian Red Cross Society Mr. Adelemo Andronicus said the vehicles will further strengthen the Society to access places that hitherto they could not access in the northeast and other parts of the country.

“We believe that we will accelerate our operations with these vehicles, they are very strong there is no place these vehicles cannot get to, so we thank the ICRC for this support,” Mr Adelemo explained.

Mr. Adelemo however stressed that the vehicles would be used for the purposes they were given.