ILO calls for preservation of environment

Helen Shok Jok, eneva

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has urged governments of its member states to preserved the environment so as to boost development and provide jobs for the billions of unemployed persons around the world.

The Director General of ILO, Mr Guy Rider, said this while speaking at the 105th International Labour  Congress(ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

He warned that illegal wildlife trade harms the environment and risks jobs, development and livelihoods.

Ryder, who was speaking on commemoration of the  World Environment Day said the celebration was  a significant moment, as it is the first to follow the historic adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

According to the ILO Director General, both landmark agreements have propelled sustainable development to the centre of the global agenda.

“The theme of this year’s observance the illegal trade in wildlife which is important to the world of work in a number of ways.

Wildlife, through a range of productive activities and industries dependent on it, such as nature-based tourism, supports numerous jobs.

 Also, workers such as park rangers and forest managers are vital to the protection and conservation of the world’s biodiversity.

Many countries facing illegal poaching and trade in wildlife rely to a significant extent on industries and jobs based on biodiversity.

Nature-based tourism is a fast growing segment of the global tourism industry.
It generates millions of jobs around the world and provides a huge potential for economic growth and poverty reduction,” Ryder said.

He said it was essential that the important social and economic contributions of wildlife to jobs and livelihoods be preserved and protected adding that many of the world’s poor depend on natural resources as their principal means of livelihood.

According to him, “Sustainable development also implies designing strategies that create alternative employment opportunities for those trapped in exploitative practices in forests, mines and wildlife hunting.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we are reminded of our individual and collective responsibility to protect our environment and to enhance environmental sustainability.”