Industrialist urges increased funding of power sector

An industrialist, Mr Godwin Ezeemo, has appealed to the Federal Government to quickly improve power supply nationwide to increase industrial productivity in the country.

Ezeemo, the Managing Director of Union Haulage Filling Station made the appeal in Enugu.

He said that the current supply of electricity was insufficient in driving industrial activities, especially those in the small and medium scale industries to boost economic growth.

He said that for the country’s products and services to be competitive in the international as well as local markets, the issue of reliable and adequate electricity supply must be addressed.

‘‘Power is key to productive ventures. For us to get it right for the benefit of all there should be no compromise to getting a reliable electricity system.Check out other industrialised countries, what is common is constant and uninterrupted power supply that people can rely on as they start-up their businesses or industries.”

The industrialist, who lauded the Federal Government for its huge investment in the transmission of power in the country, said, ‘‘there is more to be done in this sector to move ahead like other economically advanced countries.”

He also commended the Federal Government for the various social and economic intervention programmes meant to benefit the youths in the 2017 budget.

‘‘The youths are the future leaders; they are the reliable and energetic workforce that drive industry and commerce in other climes,’’ he said.