ITTF sets up Ethics Commission

To ensure accountability and transparency, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) through its Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Committee (EC) has set up Ethics Commission.

This was made known after the maiden meeting of the (BOD) in Dusseldorf, after the (ITTF) Elections on May 31.

The (BOD) is made up of continental representatives, who are tasked to manage the (ITTF), together with the Executive Committee between the AGMs.

The (ITTF) Ethics Commission was fully established and approved, and the (ITTF) Code of Ethics will come into effect on 1 July 2017.
Other decisions made and discussions had by the (BOD) were: The Future Events Working Group discussing the future of the World Championships and overall events structure presented their findings so far to the Board of Directors. The Working Group will continue at full speed to prepare some proposals for 2018 for the Board of Directors to decide.
Future editions of the (ITTF) World Junior Championships were awarded: 2018 Bendigo, Australia, 2019  Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand, after both countries put forward very impressive bids. The successful Bendigo bid was driven by (ITTF) Oceania, empowered by the new Strategic Investment agreement with the (ITTF).
The next three editions of the (ITTF) World Cadet Challenge were allocated to: 2018 Tottori, Japan, 2019 Cetniewo, Poland and 2020 Bangkok, Thailand.
Commenting on the first Board of Directors meeting after being elected the (ITTF) President, Thomas (WEIKERT) stated “After a hard-fought election campaign, I was very happy to see the (ITTF) Board of Directors very united, and motivated to work with me and the newly elected Executive Committee to achieve (ITTF)’s goals and drive the sport forward.” 



Jibril .O