Journalists task on truthfulness in reportage

Yinka Salaam, Osogbo

Sheikh Maruf Isola delivering the pre-sermon lecture

Journalists across Nigeria have been urged to be truthful and subscribe to objectivism in the discharge of their duties.

The Deputy Chief Imam of Osogbo in Osun State, Sheikh Haroon Adediran says journalists play a crucial role in the society and should therefore be careful with the messages they pass across to the populace

Sheikh Adediran was speaking at a special sermon to mark the Press Week of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Osun State Council.

He implored journalists to be agents of peace and development, saying men and women of the pen profession must use their role in a positive manner and shun news or information that could disrupt the peace of the society.

The Mufasir of Osogbo, Sheikh Maruf Isola advised journalists to be good representatives of the religions they profess by being truthful at all times.

“Muslim journalists should portray Islam well and let the world know Islam is a religion of peace.

“If there is any issue that needs clarification, endeavor to approach the clerics for clarifications, we will explain to you and you will in turn, tell the world the Islamic stance on such issues” he said.

The immediate past Commissioner of Special Duties in Osun State, Basiru Ajibola congratulated the Journalists and thanked them for coming out of the leadership crisis stronger.

He thus urged them to always take the interests and welfare of journalists first in whatever situation or position their find themselves.

The Chairman of the State Council, Biodun Olalere appreciated the host for being a friend of the journalists and thanked God for His special blessings on the Council for uniting the ranks of the press men.

Other activities to mark the NUJ Press Week include the inter-chapel semi-final football on Saturday, Church Service on Sunday, Opening Ceremony on Monday, Public Lecture on Tuesday and the finals of the football matches will be played on Wednesday.

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