Kaduna government approves monetary, evaluation policy

Asma'u Halilu, Kaduna

Kaduna State government has approved the Monetary and Evaluation policy to focus on results that have impacts on the people of the State.

The Commissioner, Budget and Planning, Malam Muhammed Sani Abdullahi stated that the policy, which is result oriented is to ensure prioritising of projects that have direct impact on the masses.

While speaking to newsmen in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria, Malam Sani said regular checks and monitoring evaluation officers would be made to move across the State to align and ensure projects delivered in terms of health care, education, water and roads are actually changing the lives of the masses positively.

According to him, ” government wants to avoid awarding projects that have no impact on the people, but will instead prioritise those with direct impact.


The Commissioner emphasised that, there are certain school projects that have been executed but have not had direct impact on the people because it lacks facilities and requisite staff to teach in the schools.

“Hence the creation of the policy to focus not only on the infrastructure of such sector, but to follow a chain towards impact on the masses, Sani stressed.

” For instance, we build hospitals for the purpose of reducing maternal mortality not just for building sake, so we are going to follow the result chain to ensure that project being built are actually changing the lives of the people in the State”, the Commissioner explained.

Malam Sani added that, henceforth, if any project seems to be of no impact on the people, government will discontinue with it and focus on other project of better priority.