Kaduna governor calls for sustained peace in Northern Nigeria

Asma'u Halilu, Kaduna

Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai says that for the Northern region to sustain security, all the states must vigorously pursue their role as the guarantors of security.
He stated this at the joint meeting of the Northern State’s Governors Forum and Traditional Rulers holding in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria.
Governor El-Rufai called on his counterparts to undertake robust action in security to implant a visible reassuring and effective presence of the protective hand of the State across the region.
According to him, ” there are too many places where outlaws and non-state actors of all sorts have stepped into such places as the ungoverned spaces, like these forests.”
“We should request that the Federal Government hand over Kamuku, Kuyambana and Falgore forest for better and closer management because they constitute sources of perils to ordinary people, the states and the country,” he stressed.
He called on his counterparts to jointly fund special security operations to sanitize the forest which he said should be accompanied with a development agenda to convert them from arenas of insecurity to places that are properly integrated into the economy.
Governor El-Rufai emphasized that the Northern region if secured, was a place crucial for economic development, ” with vast land mass, abundant water and millions of hardworking people, our region is waiting to break out of poverty.”
The Chairman of the Forum, Borno governor, Kashim Shettima, hopes that at the end of the meeting, the forum  will adopt a consensus position on restructuring of the country that will be reflective of the general overall interest of the people of Northern Nigeria.
Represented by Katsina State governor, Aminu Bello Masari, he said the consensus position of restructuring  is expected to attract popular acceptance in the region such that it will dispel the erroneous impression created and disseminated by certain interest in the country that the North is opposed to restructuring.
” Without pre-empting the outcome of our interaction  over the next two days, permit to embark on a short reflection on the matter before hand which is the entitlement of citizens to exercise their guaranteed freedom of speech but if such rights are outside the confines of the law, it is not acceptable,” he said.
He noted that the incitement to violence by some organizations must be be condemned as they are inimical to national unity, stability, peaceful coexistence and national security.
The leaders called on all constituted authorities to rise to the occasion and call the purveyors of hate speech and inflammatory statements to order.