Kano holds public sessions on accountability, transparency

The Kano State Government has embarked on town hall meetings to explain the state of its finances and assets to the public, the Commissioner for Finance, Prof. Kabiru Dandago, said on Monday in Kano.

Dandago said at a news conference that the initiative was triggered by rumours that consultants had taken over the running of state funds.

The commissioner said the current administration had pledged transparency and accountability to the public, thus it needed to involve stakeholders in financial state of the economy.

“We have made the 44 local governments into 11 clusters and the town hall meetings will hold at each of the centres with the first one to begin on 27th October in Rano Local Government Area.”

The meetings, he said, would address all financial issues recorded from the inception of the administration, which included all government investments.

The meeting will attract international support from international bodies, an opportunity missed by the past administrations in the state.

Dandago added that the administration had created “tremendous changes” in the financial system; therefore, the public should know how the system worked.

“The present administration has created Internal Audit Department which is an effectively controlled system that reports directly to the Governor’s office.”

“The townhall meeting will reveal the state of Internally Generated Revenue of the state and the strategies taken to revolutionise the system.”

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, the government introduced the meetings at the local governments to inform the people about the state’s finances.