Katsina, NIMET develop weather prediction device

Ene Okwanihe, Abuja

The Katsina state Government in North-West Nigeria says it has collaborated with the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) to develop an android device that can forecast the weather of the thirty four local government of the state.

The NIMET Android Weather Prediction Phone is designed to help farmers in the state know the weather of a particular area of the state to know what crop to plant and when to plant.

The Managing Director Katsina state Agriculture Development Programme Mr. Ibrahim Shehu Musawa disclosed this to journalist in Katsina State at the sideline of the 4-day entrepreneurship training organised by WAAPP-Nigeria in the state.

Mr. Musawa said the device is part of a measure taken to help farmers in the state cope with the effects of desertification caused by climate change

He said the device is designed to tell farmers when rainfall is expected to start, when it will stop and the amount of rainfall expected in all the thirty four local Government.

“The device is very important to the planning of Agricultural progression particularly to WAAPP-Nigeria and other state Government it will help them recommend the technology to the farmers to help them cope with the weather changes”

He said the device is a programme that is easy operate because NIMET has already installed it on the phone and all the farmer needs to do is enter the particular area and the result will come up.

“The technology is at the trail stage now the next thing we will do is to translate the information into local languages so that the farmers can access the phones themselves because presently the phone are being operated by Agric extension officers at the state level and the local Government levels but when the information get translated the phones will be given to the Farmers” he added

Mr. Musawa added that said the devise uses data connection for now and that it using a network data provider in the country for the services.