Labour Party leads in UK election results

Hauwa Abubakar, UK

Results of the UK elections so far indicate that Labour Party is taking the lead with 41.4%, slightly above Conservatives 40.3%. Liberal Democrats is third on the chart, with 7.0%, having pushed SNP from the number 3 spot at 3.3%.

So far, Labour has won 188 seats, an additional 19 spots and Conservatives have won 174 seats, down by 8 from the last election in 2015.

Scottish National Party has 26 seats, Democratic Unionist Party 10, Lib Dem, 8.

These results are from 414 out of the total 650 seats announced. 236 more seats are yet to be announced.

Exit polls had earlier predicted that Conservatives would be the largest party in parliament, but may not end up being majority.

To be declared winner, a party must get at least 326 seats in the parliament, or form a coalition to become majority.


Zainab Sa’id