Lagos earmarks N36bn to combat ocean surge

Eniola Ajayi, Lagos

The Lagos State Government has earmarked at least 36 billion naira to combat the perennial ocean surge being experienced along the Lagos Coastline.

The fund is meant for the construction of 18 Groynes (sea breakers) at 400 metres interval along the entire length of 7.5km between Goshen Estate and Alpha Beach on the Island of Lagos.

The Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Mr Adebowale Akinsanya said construction of each groyne costs two billion naira noting that the project was awarded in November, 2012 and divided into three phases for funding reasons.

He said Phase 1 of the project, which is the construction of three Groynes commenced in January, 2013 and had been completed. He added that Phase 2 of the project, which is the construction of 12 Groynes was awarded in June, 2013, and that work commenced in January, 2014.

“As at the beginning of this administration 4km stretch of the shoreline was protected and in the last 12 months, 6.0km has been successfully protected while work is still on-going. Total percentage of work done so far on Phase 2 is 80%.  Also the phase 3, which is the construction of three groynes of the project, has been awarded and work has commenced on it,” he said.

New Islands

Mr Akinsanya also disclosed that the state government had approved the development of three islands in the state, which are Diamond, Orange and Gracefield Phoenix Projects.

He said the Diamond Island development, which would rival Banana Island involved the reclamation of Ilubirin foreshore by SPA Dredging Company Ltd, saying that the reclamation works for Phase 1 comprising 48 hectares had been completed and that reclamation work on Phase 11 was about to commence.

On the Orange Island development, Akinsanya said the project was aimed at the development of a fully serviced community in the Lagos State Lagoon with about 450 meters off the Lekki Phase I headland for the reclamation of a 150 hectare mixed uses Island.

“The reclamation of Phase 1, measuring approximately 150 hectares has been completed and a road alignment has also been reclaimed which makes it accessible by driving from Freedom way. The Project, upon completion will not only add to the existing stock of land mass but add to the ground rent and other taxes accruable to the State which will boost the State Internal Generated Revenue,” he stated.

On the Gracefield Phoenix Project, the commissioner explained that the project was a joint venture with the Lagos State Government granting exclusive right to Gravitas Investment Limited to reclaim 100 hectares of land inside the Lagos Lagoon at the Northern end of Chevron way and Northern offshore of the Ajiran land.

“The Island is to be known as Gracefield Phoenix Island. So far, about 30 hectares of land have been reclaimed to a height of 1.8 metres above mean sea level. It is now possible to drive from Chevron Drive to the Gracefield Island. They have also reclaimed over 30 hectares presently and achieved a finished height of 1.8 meters,” he added.