Lagos wins national scrabble

Lagos State on Sunday won the 2017 Asaph Zadok National Scrabble Championship in Abuja,

Lagos retained the title after five out of their six players emerged as the top six in the competition.

With the victory, Lagos won a trophy and a cash prize of N100,000.

Delta and Akwa Ibom states came second and third respectively.

Dipo Akanbi, representing Lagos State, emerged as the 2017 individual champion after winning 18 games with an aggregate of +743. Akanbi won a trophy and a cash prize of N150,000

Dayo Tayo, also of Lagos state, came second with 16.5 wins and +346 aggregate and a cash prize of N100,000.

Moses Peter of Akwa Ibom came third with 16 wins and a +1351 aggregate to win a cash prize of N50,000.

Olatunde Oduwole, the 2016 national champion and Lagos representative, came fourth with 16 wins and +764 aggregate.

The reigning world scrabble champion, Wellington Jighere, finished 14th on the score table after winning 14 games and +1076 aggregate.

Akanbi said, “In Lagos we have fun when playing scrabble. Scrabble is part of us because we play it every day. We give all glory to God.’’

Former President of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation Suleiman Gora, who congratulated the winners, urged all players and state scrabble associations to do more in the area of grassroots development of the game.

He said the greatest challenge of the sport was funding and called on corporate bodies and stakeholders to support the game.




Jibril .O