Lassa fever campaign kicks off in Gombe

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe

Combined Associations of Nigerian Medical and Health Workers in Gombe state have begun strong sensitisation campaigns round the state, to raise awareness on the Lassa Epidemic.

Beginning the campaign in Gombe, the Chairman of the Medical Association in the State, Dr. Adamu Danladi Bojude, said at the Government House in Gombe, that the successes recorded prompted the team to reach people at the grassroots in the state’s three Senatorial Districts.

“Right away we are moving to one of the Senatorial Zones. We are going to meet for example in Billiri, we’ll meet Mai Tangle. We’ll go to his palace, take the sensitisation to him, take the message to him. We believe as the father of the local government or the zone, he is also going to extend the same message across his own people. And with that, a lot of achievement is going to come out,” Dr. Bojude said.  

The Head of Service of Gombe State, Alhaji Ahmed Usman, who received the sensitisation team, said the state government had been in full support of the Campaign against Lassa fever, hence the immediate release of nine million naira for isolation and treatment of infected patients.

The first case of Lassa fever reported in Gombe state was sometime in January this year, when blood samples sent to Lagos confirmed one case of an 8 year old girl and one other was pending.

Today, the story has become a successful one, because the patients said to be under control.

The Gombe State Chairman of the Medical Association of Nigeria, Dr Adamu Danladi Bojude, said because of the prompt response of the state Government to control the disease from spreading, the two cases recorded in the state had been managed, with no deaths.

“A lot of cases that came that looked like Lassa fever, rapidly, samples were taken and sent to Lagos and all those samples came out to be negative, with the exception of the two, which were all managed very well and with that we are happy. And that response is still continuing,” Dr. Bojude said.

The Head of Service in Gombe State, Alhaji Ahmed Usman, who received the campaign group at the Government House, called the sensitisation a great encouragement to the government.

“This is a great encouragement to the government because as the chairman said, government alone cannot do it. Government can provide the infrastructure, the conducive atmosphere for the control of Lassa fever, but the health workers need to play a very important role. And we are also encouraged that this is not like a campaign of urban areas, they are also going to the rural areas to carry this campaign to the doorsteps of our communities,” the Gombe State Head of Service said.  

The Gombe State Chairman of the Medical Association of Nigeria, Dr. Bojude however said the groups were not resting, until the campaign to enlighten the public on the dangers of posed by the Lassa fever reaches the grassroots.

“We thought we should come and commend the state government to encourage them to continue that support. While on our own part, we want to continue with this support. We want to reach out to all the Senatorial Zones and we are sending all these posters, banners and handbills to all the institutions to continue to raise awareness for the prevention of Lassa fever,” Dr. Bojude said.

The Gombe state government says it is ever ready to support all efforts to encourage medical and health workers in the state, to enhance health care services for its people.