Lawmakers advocate state of emergency against malaria

The Nigerian Government has been urged to declare state of emergency against malaria ravaging many parts of the country.

This was contained in a motion under matters of urgent public importance presented before the House of Representatives at its plenary on Thursday.

Presenting the motion, Muhammad Chika Adamu from Niger State, said that Nigeria loss about three billion Dollars annually to Malaria, the situation he described as ‘un-acceptable.

According to him, fact sheet released in 2010 by the US Department of State listed malaria as the top cause of death in the country.

Referring to the fact sheet, Adamu said that over 300,000 malaria-related deaths were recorded annually as against 215,000 caused by HIV/AIDS.

“Going by the Society for Family Health report, malaria accounted for the loss of three billion dollars annually,’’ he said.

Preventive measures
He said that though West Africa was a stable zone for malaria, there were preventive and curative measures which could be taken by the government and individuals to secure the lives of the citizens.

Members who unanimously adopted the motion expressed concern that despite the huge sums spent on eradicating malaria, the disease has continued to be one of the causes of mortality.

Free drug
The lawmakers also urged the government to immediately provide free drugs and remove substandard malaria drugs from the market.

The House urged the government to also provide resources to clear mosquito breeding grounds as well as educate and help families to protect themselves against malaria.

Mercy Chukwudiebere