Lawmakers seek more support from IMF

Edwin Akwueh, Abuja

Nigerian Lawmakers at a plenary

The Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has solicited more support and closer partnership with the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) in Nigeria’s efforts to address the economic challenges.

He appreciated the IMF for supporting Nigeria, but said the country needed more support and collaboration with the IMF at this challenging time.

“The IMF has shown keen interest in the development of Nigeria. We believe that we need greater collaboration at this time of our challenges and we also believe that whatever support and technical assistance we are going to get will be tailored to our own needs, which is also peculiar to us, because every country has its own challenges and peculiar circumstances.

“We believe that working together and taking cognisance of our peculiar circumstances, we will be able to find solutions to our problems. We will work together to build a country where food, shelter and other basic needs are affordable for all,” senator Ekweremmadu said.

He was speaking when a delegation of the African Department of the IMF paid a courtesy visit to the Senate on Thursday.

Earlier in his address, the new Director, African Department of the IMF, Mr. Abebe Selassie, said that he was in Nigeria to have a firsthand assessment of the country and to discuss the economic challenges.

He reassured the Senate that the global body would work hand-in-hand with Nigeria to address the nation’s economic challenges.

According to Mr. Selassie “I just took over as Head of the African Department very recently. This is my first country visit. I wanted to come to Nigeria because it is the largest economy. In my new capacity, what I know is what is on paper and I wanted to come here and talk to the people and get a better sense of how you see the challenges and what you have to do to  address them.”

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