Senator Ahmed Lawan supports fight against corruption

Timothy Choji, Abuja

As the Nigerian government continues to wage war against corrupt officials, Senator Ahmed Lawan, has added his voice to the call for support for President Muhammadu Buhari as he champions this course.

Voice of Nigeria engaged the Senator in an interview on the prospects of the anti corruption war, when he paid a visit to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and he said the searchlight is not just beamed on the opposition as being insinuated in some quotas.

“I don’t subscribe to that because the Peoples’ Democratic Party PDP was in power for 16 years and they were in control of the resources of our country and many of the then officials or those in power misused the resources of this country. So it is natural that many of those being arrested should be PDP. People are just trying to make it appear as if this administration or the President is only arresting the opposition. No, he is arresting those who took resources while they were in government. But from time to time, those in other parties that soiled their hands will be arrested too,” he affirmed.

The Senator said the President was doing the right thing and he will continue to give him support, as he urged other Nigerians to do same.

Civic Education

He advocated the re-introduction of civic education into the school curricular, in order to destroy corruption from the roots.

“We need to have a corrupt free society. What we need more is not money that we desperately talk about, what we need is prudence, a vibrant economy and efficiency in the way we use whatever little resources we have. We can only achieve that if we have very little or no corruption in our country. We have to start fighting corruption from its roots. We should introduce more civic education right from the basics, the primary school or even kindergarten, it is an evil and it must be taught as such to our children,” Senator Lawan suggested.

He said a lot of patience has to be exercised in fighting corruption, which he said cannot be concluded in a few years.