Lottery Commission promises more funds for Nigerian sports

The acting Director-General, National Lottery Commission, Mr Adamu Sifawa, has promised more collaboration with the National Lottery Trust Fund to ensure the utilisation of lottery funds in turning around the declining fortune of Nigerian sports.

Represented by the Acting Director, Administration and Finance, Mr Robert Bolokor, Sifawa who made the statement at a lottery event organised by `Give and Take` National Lottery Limited held in Abuja, explained that while 50 per cent of the lottery price goes to the winner, 20 per cent comes to the commission.

Endorsing National Lottery Limited, the Commission noted: We have a sister agency, the National Lottery Trust Fund which we pass the 20 per cent to and is used for good causes such as distribution of sports equipment to enhance sports across the country.

“With the involvement of National Lottery Limited which has received our full endorsement, and other lottery companies, I can assure you that more funds will be deployed in revamping Nigerian sports,” he said.

In his remarks, Managing Director of the Lottery Company, Mr Jolly Enabulele, said they would soon explore ways to find a way that lottery and sports could be of mutual benefits, adding that the road for the realisation of the company “had been very long.

“We thank God we have been able to achieve a lot successfully and Nigerians will have the privilege of playing a game that is not foreign but our own.”

As for the correlation with sports, the good thing is that the company had offices in over 24 states.

“We have the web play. People can go to the web to play. Lottery has been part of sports and this means we can leverage on the interests of the sports fans all over Nigeria to see how we can contribute more in funding sports through the percentage of the prices to the Lottery Trust Fund.  Every part of Nigeria will benefit from this noble cause,” Enabulele said.



Jibril .O