Malians protest against constitution review plans

Malians move against government's constitution review plans

Around 2000 Malians took to the streets of capital Bamako on Saturday in protest against a plan by the government to revise the constitution.

Though the government has postponed the vote, this did not deter protesters from registering their voices against the move.

“We are not even able to secure ourselves, why we are going to touch on the constitution, while section 118 tells us not to touch the constitution as long as territorial integrity is threatened,’’ Zoumana Sissoko said angrily.

He added “today we know that the army is not even present not only in Kidal, the army is not in Tessalit, the army is not in Abeibara, the army is not in Menaka.

There is not even power in those areas. Are the inhabitants of these areas not part of Mali? Or shouldn’t they be involved in the process of changing the constitution.”

Anti government songs
The demonstrators chanted many ‘anti government songs,’ with many carrying placards with slogans against the constitution review.

Many in Mali believe the referendum for the constitution review in the country will be rigged.

“They’re going to rob us. When we go for the no, we know we’re not going to have the no. We are going to have 90 or 85% of the yes because they will rob us, that’s why we are opting for withdrawal” a female, Lali Traoré stated.

The National Assembly in June, adopted by a large majority, a law reviewing the February 25, 1992 constitution.

The government justifies its determination to revise the constitution saying it was concerned about “deficiencies and inadequacies” contained in the 1992 constitution.

The referendum earlier scheduled for July 9 has now been postponed.

africanews./Mercy Chukwudiebere