Media urged to promote China/Nigeria relationship

Gloria Essien, Abuja

The Nigerian media has been urged to write stories that would promote China/ Nigeria friendship and bring both countries closer.

The Vice Minister of Information of State Council, People’s Republic of China, Mr. Guo Weimin, made the call at a Media Dialogue, in Abuja.

He said that China and Nigeria can utitlise their media industry to tell their stories better than what the western media portrays.

” I hope the mass media in Nigeria will continue to promote the China/Nigeria relationship. The media serves as the means of communication and bridge to bring people together” Mr. Weimin said.

He noted that it was meaningful for China and Nigeria media industries to launch exchange and corporation programmes.

He also said that the relationship between Nigeria and China is long lasting and ever green.

The minister noted that in the last five years, china has undergone series of changes which it hopes to teach other developing countries like Nigeria, through technological exchanges.

“Nigeria plays an important role in the economic development of Africa. China will continue to deepen corporation with developing countries especially Nigeria” He said.

Mr. Weimin, who was hosted by the Chairman of Leadership Group, said that he was happy with what the Nigerian media was doing already.

He also welcome more Nigerian journalists yo be tained in China on long or short term basis.

In his remarks, the Chairman Leadership Group, Mr. Sam Nda Isaiah, said China should not be contented with being a global economic power only but that it should work towards becoming a global power also.

“We want the Chinese government to know that the world is watching on China to show leadership at this point and this is a great opportunity for China,” he said.

He said that the world needed China to rise up to the crisis between North Korea and the US as the nuclear threat by North Korea is not a joke.

The President Nigerian Guild of Editors, Mrs. Funke Egbemode, also called for collaboration in capacity development.