Mexican authorities find 112 migrants huddled in truck

Migrants exit from the back of a truck in Mexico in 2007.

Mexican authorities discovered 112 migrants, including four babies, huddled alive in the back of a truck as it traveled along a highway in the country’s south, the attorney general’s office said on Sunday.

The truck, which officials said had ventilation and water for the passengers, was intercepted on a highway that connects the southern states of Chiapas and neighbouring Tabasco and the driver was arrested.

Every year, thousands of migrants, mostly Central Americans, escaping from poverty and violence, make their way north through Mexico in hopes of reaching the United States.

The attorney general’s office said in a statement that 23 minors were among the immigrants found in the back of the truck.

The immigrants are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Ecuador. They were awaiting medical checkups.


Zainab Sa’id