Minister asks Landlords to use Abuja Master Plan

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja

Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory Minister, Muhammad Bello

Landlords in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, FCT, have been asked to ensure that their buildings were designed in line with the Abuja Master Plan.

The FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello gave the remark when the Association of Abuja Landlords visited him in Abuja.

Mr Bello said that the call became necessary to forestall a situation where some of the landlords used to convert residential properties into nightclubs, brothels and worship centers, against the purposes for which they were designed and approved by the FCT Development Control Department.

As community leaders, he stated that the landlords had the duty to correct wrong actions in their communities and ensure that anybody occupying their properties subscribe to basic minimum standards.

He also explained that districts and communities in the FCT were designed to have areas for schools, commercial activities, residential and hospitals but regretted that they were been misused by the public.

If your members rented a house out and before you know it, the tenant has converted it into a church or a mosque or a nightclub and then instead of normal service time that we know, somebody will put up something at 2.00am. This is wrong. You have to police these things and give us report so that we can enforce,” he stressed.

While making reference to the recent shutdown of some substandard schools within the Territory, he emphasised that some of the schools operated in conditions that were not conducive for learning.

School closure
“We are
trying to close so many schools because most of them are not schools. A school was once located into inside a brothel. You will see small children studying in the school and just by the side, you see people moving half naked. How can
they learn in that kind of environment,
?Bello stated.

The Chairman, Nyanya (Phase I) Landlords Association, Abuja, Mr. Mamman Lawal said that they group were impressed by the enthusiasm of the Minister to proffer solution to the problems bedeviling Nyanya community.

Mr. Lawal promised that the ‘association was ready to engage and sensitise FCT residents to support the process of change,’ the fulcrum of the Nigerian government’s policy.

He further assured the minister of the association’s readiness to partner with the Federal Capital Territory Administration to solve the problem of underdevelopment across the FCT.