Minister tasks constructors on safety measures

Na’ankwat Dariem, Abuja

Nigeria’s Minister of Water Resource, Mr. Suleiman Adamu, has urged the contractors handling the construction of Tiga dam hygro-power plant in Kano state, North-west of the country to adhere to the international safety best practices.

The Minister stated this while inspecting the project which is under the Hadejia- Jama’are River Basin Development Authority which is about 60% completed.

Mr. Adamu warned against the use of dynamite and other explosives in blasting off rocks in the area.

“The contractors were blasting rocks right beneath the dam, which is a very serious issue, because it has serious impact on the stability of the dam and if this dam breaks, God forbid the whole Kano will be wiped out,” he warned.

The Minister noted that early this year, the World Bank raised an alarm on the effect of the blast.

“You know the World Bank has an irrigation project downstream of the Dam so they were monitoring and the raised alarm … I was informed so and I brought all the parties involved and we came to an agreement to stop the blasting and we  also reduced the power capacity generation which was over assumed.” He noted

The Minister added that a Task Force Committee has been set up within the Ministry to monitor the level of the compliance by the contractors on what has been agreed.

I received a report from the committee that the contractors are complying and the Kano state government has been putting pressure on the contractors to do the right thing.”