Moroccan authorities arrest 20 people after violent clashes

Thousands of Moroccans shout slogans during a demonstration in the northern town of Al-Hoceima, Morocco.

Moroccan authorities have arrested 20 people after violent clashes between protesters and police in the northeastern city of Al Hoceima, judicial authorities announced on Saturday.

Some 20 suspects were arrested on Friday and Saturday for “the incitement and participation of committing crimes that affect the public order,” the Public Prosecutor of the City Court of Appeal said in a statement.

Local media reported that clashes between demonstrators and police injured several people, including three members of the security forces who were seriously hurt.

The detainees were also accused of receiving “remittances and logistical support from abroad to promote a propaganda targeting the integrity of Morocco and shake the loyalty of the Moroccan citizens to the state and the institutions, as well as offending the emblems of the kingdom in the public gatherings.”

The situation in the city of Al Hoceima has been tense since the death of the fish vendor Mouhcine Fikri in last October after climbing into a rubbish truck to retrieve his swordfish confiscated by police.


Zainab Sa’id