Mujib Kasule blasts FUFA, threatens to involve FIFA

After losing the Federation of Ugandan Football Association’s presidency nomination, Mujib Kasule has vowed he will not quit.

Reports in the country indicate that Kasule is bitter after losing out on the FUFA presidency nomination as he announced his next step, which is to approach FIFA.

“I’m not about to quit, I never quit as a player, administrator, agent, when my Proline was relegated dubiously, and I’m not about to quit now,” said Kasule.

“I have fronted myself to fight for football and it has just started now, my voice is going to be deeper. I will fight for players.

“The options are many including the courts of law but we are filling a petition to FIFA first.”

It is reported that Kasule’s bid was halted on Monday by the FUFA Electoral Committee thus passing Magogo unopposed.

Subsequent to that move by FUFA, the football administrator adds he is taking his case to the world football governing body because he feels he was ‘cheated’ out of the race.

“I was part of the team that renewed the FUFA constitution and the electoral code in 2012 and I understand both of them very well,” adds Kasule.

“On Thursday, the electoral chairman (Sam Bakiika) called me to tell me of his intention to give me new forms, which completely disorganised my plans.

“The new forms required me to produce those educational forms certified yet my executive members had to travel so far to get them.

“I complained to the committee but when you’re dealing with someone who is one-sided, you expect that.

“It is clear that the electoral commission was elected with a mission of sole candidature. I have been in FUFA and I understand the politics there as well as the relationship between these electoral officials with the FUFA president.”




Aisha JM