National Population Commission begins pre-census exercise in Gombe

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe

The National Population Commission is to begin Enumeration Area Demarcation in Billiri, Gombe State, as one of the 37 local governments selected in the third phase of the enumeration area demarcation of the National Population Commission.

The Commissioner of the Commission, Mohammed Magaji, told journalists in Gombe, that the Enumeration Area Demarcation was not to determine the population of any community, local government area or state, but for the purpose of dividing the country into smaller geographical areas to facilitate enumeration.

The exercise which is to hold from February 20 to March 10, 2017, as a basis for planning and executing of the 2018 National Population Census as well as a foundation for the entire census architecture.

Mr Magaji said that the commission would use scientific approach to demarcate enumeration areas, which will eliminate human element and detect human errors, as well as prevent manipulation during the programme.

He also said that the enumeration area demarcation would be professionally undertaken to avoid overlapping, oversized, undersized and non-existent enumeration areas.

He further stated that the 2018 Census would use biometric to capture the facial impression and finger prints of persons, with the hope of gaining advantage through manipulation of the enumeration areas which cannot be realized without physically counting persons available.

“High resolution satellite imagery will be used to ensure that no areas is left un demarcated  and no place is duplicated, and the methodology being adopted will not allow for the creation of imaginary enumeration areas and any attempt to include non-existent household and buildings in the EAs will detected through satellite. Permit me to state clearly that the enumeration areas exercise is not the enumeration of person living in the country and its outcomes will not in any way determine the population of any community, local government or state, it is just the division of the country into small geographical areas to facilitate enumeration,” the federal Commissioner said.

The Commissioner added that, the effort was part of the meticulous approach to the forth coming Census with a view to allow effective and necessary adjustment.

He  explained that enumeration was not only restricted to cover the 2018 census alone, but to ensure the proper establishment and maintenance of  the national frame, house numbering and locality list to cover future censuses and surveys in the country.

Also according to him, arrangements have been made to deploy sophisticated technology including High Resolution Satellite Imagery, and Personal Digital Assistance to ensure proper Geographic Information System compliance, manipulations, and errors.

Magaji said at the end of the phase III demarcation, two Local Governments would be successfully demarcated into two within the state and that arrangements had been concluded for a subsequent exercise in the remaining nine local governments.