Navy inaugurates sporting facilities

The Nigerian Navy has inaugurated its newly constructed gymnasium, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts for use by the personnel of the Central Naval Command, sister services and other security agencies.

The facilities, constructed by the outgoing Flag Officer Commanding, (CNC,) Rear Admiral Mohammed Garba, were inaugurated at the command’s headquarters in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, as part of the activities marking the send-off of Garba.

Performing the opening of the facilities, the new FOC, CNC, Rear Admiral A.B. Al-Hassan, said the sports facilities were meant to improve the physical fitness of the officers and men of the command.

Al-Hassan said, ‘’the sports facilities will also go a long way in ensuring that their health is in perfect shape for military operations.

When you exercise, it impacts on your health positively, both in physical and mental alertness of the officers and men. We also have a gymnasium that will complement the facilities that have just been opened.

These courts were actually done by the outgoing (FOC). He used the resources within the command to really construct these courts. This is a welcome development and we salute him. The facilities will ensure that personnel in the command can carry out their sporting activities within the command, not outside anymore.’’

The former (FOC), Mohammed Garba, said physical strength was an important characteristic of a naval personnel.

He added that the second reason for constructing the facilities was to strengthen the synergy between the armed forces and other security agencies.

The outgoing (FOC) said, ‘’we have discovered also that there is a very big gap in terms of synergy and cooperation between the three armed forces and security agencies.

With these kinds of courts, we can have friendly and novelty matches that can bridge that gap. When we play together, eat together, we will now begin to think like a guild of a kind of a cult society.

He said the concept of fitness is a focal point in today’s Navy, adding that such development enabled personnel to stay in shape to meeting job-specific training standards as well as being actively involved in sports.

Garba stressed the importance of physical fitness, saying, For a man to be physically fit and healthy, he must be able to maintain some level of physical activities.

These facilities were actually constructed for personnel to exercise themselves so that they can maintain their physical fitness, health and mental ability in times of discharging their duties,”.



Jibril .O