NGO begins data gathering process on insurgency victims

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

A data gathering process to document names, dates and details of individuals and causalities involved in attacks of Insurgency in the past in Nigeria has begun.

The Initiative according to Budgit and Centre for Democracy and Development is to collect data related to insurgency attacks in Nigeria ,Chad and other West African Countries.

The lead operation officer of Budgit and CDD in Nigeria, Stanley Achonu said during a workshop on Reporting Insurgency in the Northeast, said the platform for the data gathering would help identify individuals involved in past insurgency attacks with dates and specific locations where the acts were carried out.

“We want to start that process by saying, this is the data, this is the number of people attacked in a particular incident, these are the numbers of people attacked and certain numbers of people were injured and certain numbers of people were casualties on particular days from certain attacks and in specific locations, so that in future, Researchers will be able to go to affected communities and they will begin to find who really were these people were sincerely affected by insurgency attacks”

“This data gathering process will help researchers match faces with names, by knowing their relatives, we believe everyone affected that have ever been affected in Insurgency attacks in Country are Nigerians like us and we cannot just reduce them to bear numbers per say”

“Budgit and CDD Nigeria is developing a platform in collaboration with a lead Media house and with time we will involve NEMA and Red Cross Nigeria to get verifiable and accurate data ; this will help researchers and journalists to explore the data and tell stories about our past and majorly stories of insurgency attacks in the true manner” Achonu emphasised.

On the Impact the data gathering project would make on Nigerians, Achonu said “it has almost come to the fact and point where it seems like we have a disconnection between what has happened in the north east and from the rest of the country because we believe records on these sad events has been reduced to numbers … so we hope that this will help us regain our humanity, it will help us realise that induviduals involved either as casualties or injured are human beings like us, so we hope that these will help us humanise our systems again and we can easily connect back to our sisters and brothers in that region that is what we want to achieve with this project”

He added that the same data gathering exercise is also being carried out in Niger Republic, Chad, Senegal and other West African Countries where attacks of insurgency had been recorded.

Budgit and CDD is a non-governmental organisation in Nigeria.