NGO seeks partnership to resolve environmental challenges

The Women Environmental Programme (WEP), an NGO, has expressed its readiness to partner with global bodies to help in resolving environmental challenges.

Mrs Priscilla Achakpa, the Executive Director of the organisation, said this in Abuja.

Achakpa said partnering with such bodies would help to protect human health and environment as well as enhance effective solutions to environmental problems.

Our focused in the next 10 years is to make WEP a global body, we want to see WEP globally. We have already established our offices in West Africa and New York. We want to see WEP as a local NGO transforming to become international NGO just like Action Aide and others. We are seriously working towards that. The aim is to ensure that environmental projects, such as issues on women, water, sanitation, hygiene, and climate change, among others, are effectively implemented. The collaboration will provide a forum to encourage collective actions for common solutions. It will also help leverage resources as we seek to manage environmental threats in new ways,’’ she said.

Achakpa said WEP was collaborating with Ghanaian government to impact positively on the lives of people.

She said Nigeria and Ghana would produce draft on strategic plan to address environmental challenges.

She also said WEP was established to raise awareness on gender impacts on climate change and other environmental activities.

Achakpa said the organisation, an active member of the Environmental NGOs constituency, was committed in coordinating and implementing projects to ensure successful achievement of its objectives.



Mazino Dickson