NGO urges government to improve on health facilities in Nigeria

Gloria Essien, Abuja

The Centre for Integrated Health Programs, a Non Governmental Organisation based in Abuja has called on the government to improve on heath care and health facilities across the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of the centre, Dr. Bola Oyeledun, made the appeal at a media round table meeting held in Abuja.

She said that the CIHP which supports the government and non governmental institutions at national, state and local government levels to develop and deliver comprehensive health programs had observed dilapidation in facilities across Nigeria while delivering its duties.

“What government can do is to help improve our health department. This department needs to be responsive to the requirements of the people. We have at lot of primary health care structures that are dilapidated.  We need to use resources to renovate, restore, and make a replacement of all theses infrastructures. These are things that LGAs can take up to and make sure that every single primary health facility becomes functional,” Dr. Oyeledun said.

The CEO also noted that CIHP help to render services in the prevention and treatment of HIV, reproductive health, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases through advocacy and sensitization.

She said “CIHP promotes public awareness on health issues, supports effective diagnosis and treatment of TB/Malaria and other health conditions.”

 Dr. Oyeledun also said that the centre was dedicated to reaching out and promoting the health, wellbeing and enhancement of individuals and communities irrespective of national, social, religious, ethnic or political background.

She also urged well meaning Nigerians to assist the government in providing health care to the people.

She said CIHP stands out as an NGO due to its ‘ can do’ spirit.

“We have the commitment. We have the passion and integrity.  We are not afraid to go to far places. We also roll up our sleeves to get the work done,” Dr. Oyeledun said.

A board member of CIHP, Dr Mame Awa Toure, said that Nigeria has a unique health system unlike other African countries where they do not have LGAs.

“There are a lot of things we need to do to strengthen the health system such as to re-enforce the skills of the people, put the right systems in place, and to make sure that we are delivering high quality services to people in need of health,” Dr Toure said.

She added that non-governmental organizations in Nigeria are doing a lot in the area of health care but also called on African leaders to rise up to take responsibilities in these areas.

Media partnership

Reasons for the media round table meeting organised by the Centre for Integrated Health Programs is in recognition of the role the media plays in reaching out to the people.

“The partnership with the media is for us to work together in bringing to fore the challenges we face especially in health care delivery, which is very practical in the rural areas. Also, to bring the government’s attention to the needs of the people they don’t get to see. Likewise, in order to be a voice to the voiceless in our society. Practically it is for us to work together,” she said.

She said that the partnership was aimed at producing a sustainable media frame work for the Organisation, create an effective and informative media communication process as well as enhance visibility in the print, electronic and social media.