NGOs accuses Congo government of torture

The Congolese Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) and Human Rights and Prison Universe Association (ADHUC) have accused the country’s authorities of carrying out systematic torture.

In two different reports released recently, the two NGOs denounced the kidnapping and torture of 37-year-old police sergeant Jugal Mayangui, who works as a police cadet.

Arrested on the night of November 12, at his home and taken to an unknown destination, the sub-officer reappeared eight days later in a disturbing condition, as shown in a photo published by the OCDH.

According to the victim’s family, he is suspected of collusion with Pastor Ntumi, the leader of the ex-militia Ninjas, who has a pending arrest warrant issued by Congolese authorities

Congolese authorities have, however, on their part refuted all these allegations through the country’s police spokesman, Colonel Jules Monkala Tchoumou.

Currently, Sergeant Mayangui is being treated at a military hospital in Brazzaville where he was visited by the OCDH Executive Secretary.