Nigeria and Germany partner for dam development

Na’ankwat Dariem

Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu
Nigeria and Germany are discussing possible areas of partnership in dam development to boost power supply in the country. 
Nigeria’s Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu stated this when he received a delegation of the German Trade Mission in Abuja.
Adamu explained that the nation’s dams and irrigation facilities had both the power and agricultural potentials that Germany could explore in the area of renewable energy and small hydro power generation.

He added that the Kashimbilla multipurpose dam in Taraba state North-east Nigeria which is at about 90% completion, had the capacity to generate the hydro power component of about 40 megawatts, irrigation potentials of about 2000 hectares of land and a capacity to contain 500 million cubic meters of water.
The Minister also pointed out that with the feasibility study, Dansi Hausa Dam situated in Adamawa state, North-east Nigeria had the potential to generate about 300 megawatts of electricity and about 10,000 hectares of irrigable land to support agriculture.

The leader of the delegation, Mr. Uwe Beckmeyer, said the purpose of the visit was to strengthen the cordial relationship between the two countries and to forge additional trade ties with Nigeria.
Mr. Beckmeyer stated that Germany had over 80 companies in Nigeria and were interested in scaling it up to 100 companies in the future if their trade mission to Nigeria succeeds.
He added that “Nigeria and Germany will continue to engage bilaterally on further steps to increase the scope of German business in Nigeria”.

 Beckmeyer said that to boost agriculture and power supply of Nigeria, water must be taken seriously.
“Water can be the backbone of agriculture and power. If the sun is not shining for solar energy, you can use water to generate it. Also, you can use water to boost the agricultural activities of the nation with irrigation facilities of the sector”.
However, the minister said with the ongoing discussions, the Nigerian government would continue to provide the enabling environment for investors in the water sector.