Nigeria and Spain agree on strengthening bilateral relations

By Zubairu Mohammed, Abuja

The Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Alfonso Sebastian de Erice (M) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in Abuja.

Nigeria and Spain need to continue strengthening their bilateral relations in the areas of Economy, Security and Environment.

The Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Alfonso Sebastian de Erice stated this an interview with Voice of Nigeria during his courtesy visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja.

Spain and Nigeria have excellent relations from the political and economic point of view, we want to strengthen them, Spain is the third best client of Nigeria, we buy Five thousand one Hundred Million Euro of oil and gas.

We want to organise with Nigeria a big meeting for Spanish companies ready to invest in the areas of Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment in Nigeria,” Mr Erice said.

Global phenomenon
In the Security challenge, the Ambassador says terrorism is a global phenomenon that requires the international community to join forces in the fight to eradicate it from every society of the world.

“Terrorism can only be fought through International Corporation, we have suffered terrorism and Spain want increase collaboration with Nigeria in the fight against insurgents,” he stressed.

According to him, “Nigeria is doing a good job in fighting Boko Haram… Boko Haram has lost some territories, it shows that the Military forces are doing a good job.”

The Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Mr. Sola Enikanolaiye commended the visit, saying that Spain and Nigeria have a long relationship.

Spain is a very important strategic partner of Nigeria which was anchored on the agreement that Nigeria signed, it dated back in 1968 covering the arrears of Economy, Security Political, Diplomatic and of recent on migration ties,’’ Mr Enikanolaiye added. 

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