Nigeria begins 2017 World Water Day celebration

Na'ankwat Dariem, Abuja

Nigeria joins the rest of the World in celebrating the 2017 World Water Day with a Walk Exercise to be led by the Minister of Water Resources, Mr Suleiman Adamu, on Tuesday 21st March, 2017 in Abuja.

World Water Day is an annual global event celebrated on 22nd March every year to create awareness on Water Resources Management and also to evaluate the activities of the Water sector and partners in the Sector.

The theme for this year’s World Water Day celebration, “Water and Wastewater” will highlight the symbiosis between water and wastewater in the quest for sustainable development, and also create opportunity to consolidate and build upon the previous World Water Days.

It would also help to get latest update on how waste water is perceived as a valuable resource in the development of the economy.

Specifically to enlighten the public on how to improve waste water management impacts improvement on all targets of the Sustainable Development Goal on water.