Nigeria to benefit from Global Financing Facility

Gloria Essien, Abuja

Nigeria is one of the 17 countries to benefit from the World Bank/IMF Global Financing Facility Spring Meeting in Washington DC, USA aimed at providing countries with more insight into the fund and ways to access it.

To this end, Civil Societies Organisations in Nigeria have met with the World Bank/IMF at a pre-departure meeting, in Abuja, to discuss expectations and the Nigerian agenda for the forth coming meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, the global Financing Facility Civil Society representative, Dr. Aminu Magashi Garba,  says the GFF is a loan/grant set aside to help countries in financing health issues and Nigeria is one of the countries benefiting from GFF.

He said that Nigeria has so far through the GFF platform invested in the north eastern part of Nigeria in the areas of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child and Health plus Nutrition.

He noted that already, Nigeria has received $40m (forty million US dollars) in grant to execute various projects in the health sector especially in the north-eastern part of the country.

The Nigerian CSO platform will be represented at the spring meeting by Dr Emmanuel Abanida, of Health Reform foundation.

Dr. Abanida says that Nigeria stands to gain a lot from the meeting.

“The meeting is a learning workshop. What we are taking to Washington DC is to let the world see how far we have taken RMB, know what  Nigeria is doing with its funds”.

The chairman, health sector reform coalition, Dr Ben Anyene said that the global financing facility has been very beneficial to Nigeria, adding that the Government needs to prepare to fill the gap in case the fund freezes.

“The GFF is just an intervention, so GFF will come and go but the Nigerian CSO will remain. So, while GFF lasts,  we should use the opportunity it confers on the system to strengthen our system to deliver results and avoid too much of processes”. Anyene said.

A youth ambassador and a youth representative FP/2020, Ms. Margaret Bolaji, called on the CSO coalition to get more youths involved in the GFF platform for a better tomorrow.

This year’s Spring Meetings events will take place in Washington, DC, April 21-23, 2017.