Nigeria holds conference to develop Agric investment plan

Ene Okwanihe, Abuja

Nigeria’s Ministry of Agriculture, AU Commission and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development have organised a three-day conference on developing a new National Agriculture Investment Plan.

The conference is set to review and refresh the plan for making crops, livestock and fisheries the centrepiece of Nigeria’s economic development agenda.

The three-day conference is majorly targeted at making agriculture the mainstay of the Nigerian economy by developing a National Agriculture Investment Plan.

Agriculture plan
Speaking to Journalist at the official opening, the senior advisor and team leader of Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programe (CAADP), African Union Commission, Ernest Ruzindaza said part of its mandate is to ensure that the NAIP domesticates the 2014 Malabo commitments into their national agriculture plan.

“The head of states are committed to make sure that by 2025 they end hunger, poverty, post harvest loses, double productivity and other high level commitments; what we are doing with NEPAD and the rest is to work with the countries and make sure that those commitments by the heads of states are mainstreamed and domesticated into countries Agriculture plans.”

Agricultural roadmap
The program officer for the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, Dr. Kehinde Makinde said the conference seeks to understand Nigeria’s agricultural roadmap “the green alternative” and how to implement it.

“We are looking to understand better the green alternative program of the Nigerian government; to understand what the investment components are and to see how this can align with the continental agenda to the CAADP.”

Dr. Makinde said the framework for the conference was developed by CAADP and African countries are taking a look at it to understand its implication and the investment planning process that is needed to achieve the plan.

The conference has in attendance stakeholders and investors in the Agriculture sector from all over the African continent.