Nigeria national hockey team players depart for Ghana

Tunde Odedokun, the national hockey team coach, says 36 national players would depart Abuja for Ghana on Tuesday for the 2016 Hockey World League Round One.

Odedokun said that the 36 players are from both the national male and female teams, with 18 players on each side.

Both teams are set to participate in the regional competition leading to the 2016 Hockey World League Round One and which begins on Friday in Ghana.

Odedokun expressed optimism that the teams would put up an impressive performance at the competition.

“We are very optimistic that we are going to come back with a very good result.’’

He said Nadeem Bhatti, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) coach from Pakistan, would accompany the team to Ghana as the team’s technical adviser.

Odedokun said that having the expert as the team’s technical adviser would go a long way to boost the morale of the players.

Speaking on the training for national and level two coaches, Odedokun said coaches and players have learned new techniques which would better reposition the game.

“We have been having full training sessions with the expert. We have learnt new techniques and tactics and these have updated our knowledge of hockey.

“The expert has given us a lot of insight into how we can change the face of hockey in Nigeria.

“We have learnt about new trends in modern hockey and these have given us a good exposure and new innovation for the game.’’

He added that the coaches have also learnt the new techniques of reading matches, overcoming pressure and identifying the pattern of opponents’ play in order to break their play.