Nigeria needs political participation of the ‘pious’- Clerics

Yinka Salaam, Osogbo

Repositioning Nigeria to the path of rectitude and prosperity lies solely in the participation of pious men and women in politics and the general affairs of the nation.

A notable Muslim cleric, Sheik Yusuf Babatunde said this at a lecture and Iftar programme organized by a socio-political group, ‘Tiwa n Tiwa Lo’sun’  in Osogbo, Osun state capital.

Tiwan Tiwa L’osun is a social political group that focuses on growth, development and cooperation within the state

Speaking on the topic: “Islam and Politics” Sheikh Babatunde said, if Nigeria must return to path to economic prosperity and enduring political stability, every citizen involved in politics must do so with the fear of God.

Babatunde said every God-fearing citizen and family must show interest in politics with a view to supporting the effort and reforming the system.

“Pervasiveness of deceits and atrocities in the nation’s landscape is a reflection of what is obtainable in every home

“Islam is in no way against politics, but politics must be practiced in accordance with the teachings of Allah, as contained in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

“Hence, every Nigerian must treat one another fairly. They must train their children with virtues and righteous way. Politics must begin from home and then transcends to the larger society.

Sheikh Yusuf urged Nigerians to return to God and do things according to His will, if the country must overcome her numerous challenges

The second speaker who spoke on: Jihad and Terrorism, the Position of Islam, Imam  Dawood Molaasan said contrary to the Western definition which classify Jihad as ‘war’, it actually means strivings, steadfastness and propagation of Islam as a religion of peace.

Molaasan who is also the Ameer Ja’amatu Ta’awunun Muslimeen said Jihad is rather an effort to defend the faith and has nothing to do with compulsion.

“It is disheartening that the world has continued to ignore the fact that Jihad in Islam is not synonymous to an act of terror.”