Nigeria partners with Australia for Nickel exploration

Hassan Abubakar, Abuja

The Nigerian government has begun preparation towards the exploration of the just discovered Nickel mineral resources in Kaduna State.

The mineral, discovered by the Australian Mining companies some months ago in Dangoma village Kaduna State, is said to be the largest in the world.

It is also in commercial quantities which if properly harnessed will go a long way in economic diversification.

The Deputy Governor, Bala Bantas said the discovery of Nickel and other solid minerals in the state came at the right time the country is looking for another means of economic
diversification through agriculture and solid mineral sector.

“We have gone into massive recession occasioned by the down turn of the price of crude oil at the international market in which Nigeria is a victim and the government have been forced to diversify into other sector in which solid mineral is one of them and in the case of Kaduna State, we have prepared a template in attracting investors into mining for massive investment in the sector and for economic development in the country,”  Mr Bantas explained.


Creating synergy
Though the mining sector is in the exclusive legislative list, the Deputy Governor explained that only the Nigerian government
has the right to handle it.

According to him, the Kaduna State government is creating a synergy with the Nigerian government to achieve the desire purpose of the mineral exploration.

“The Nigerian government has given some private companies from Australia the contract to mine the Nickel and other mineral resources in Kaduna which will actively participate in the project in providing jobs for our teeming youths and to improve on our Internally Generated Revenue (IGR),”  the Deputy Governor stressed.

In Sydney Australia, the Deputy Governor stated that he discussed with the companies on how to go about the project without any delay.

“We have entered into partnership with private companies under the Public Private Partnership arrangement (PPP). The Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency (KADIPA) and Kaduna Mining development company which is the umbrella body to drive the process…The State will require collaboration with other companies so that it will help us participate fully either through equity or share participation by mobilising artisanal miners and incorporate them in the manner they benefit under the new scheme,” Mr Bantas added.