Nigeria police commissions forensic laboratory

Mohammed Husaini, Abuja

The Inspector-General of Police IGP, Solomon Arase has commissioned the Nigeria Police Forensic Laboratory and digital Resource Centre at the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department in Abuja.

Nigeria Police say the Force is set to comply with provisions of the administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 to capture and remit to the office of the Attorney General of the Federation all biometrics of suspected persons arrested by the police.

Complex criminal situation
Mr. Arase said Biometrics will support policing not only as a source of Police Intelligence, but also a vital aid to successful Investigation and Prosecution of criminal elements.

Mr. Arase also said that over the years police have been grappling with week forensic capacity which has been a major factor to managing complex criminal situation.

He said:” the Force is equipped with vital tool to guide its operations, investigations and prosecutorial engagement.

Also the facilities have a wide variety of applications for positive identification of suspects through their finger prints, iris and facial recognition functions.”

The police chief reiterates that the newly commissioned department is designed to collect, store, merge and display the identity of the target criminal element even at the crime scene.

The IGP added that the centre will serve as a central unit for training, presentation and strategic meetings for the various sections of the Force Criminal Investigation Intelligent Department.