Nigeria produces first mega million jack pot winner

Ijeoma Nwankpa, Abuja

Nigeria has produced its first ever jack pot winner of N5.6m, Mr Anthony Akuma.

The organiser of the Lottery Scheme and the Chief Executive Officer of EG&H integrated Concepts Nigeria Limited, Mr. Thomas Eja, stated this at the public presentation of the multi-million National Lottery in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital.

According to him, “Nigeria is among the countries that does not have an exciting lottery scheme. But all that will have to change. This is a very beautiful day in the history of Lottery in Nigeria.”

Mr Eja said that there are the only Lottery agents that allow people to play through banks and SMS.

The Representative of the Director-General of National Lottery Commission, Mr. Samuel Agba, said that all countries of the world have accepted Lottery as a means of revenue generation for their countries.

Mr. Agba also pointed out that religion has been one of the things hindering the progress of Lottery in Nigeria because most believers feel Lottery is a gamble.

He therefore adviised Nigerians to engage in lottery because it is not gambling rather it is another way of enriching oneself.

He said one of the objectives of the Lottery Commission is to regulate the practice of Lottery in the country and ensure that the organisers do not change the rules once some one wins.

According to him, “in every fifty percent of the proceeds of the lottery scheme, twenty percent of the money goes to government’s pocket for infrastructure thereby assisting the poor through the scheme.”

The winner, Mr Anthony Akuma, who thanked God for making this possible for him, promised to use the money judiciously.

He also thanked the organisers and thereby encouraged other Nigerians to attempt playing Lottery.

The Nigerian government in 2015 established the national Lottery act to enable Nigeria conform with global lottery practices.