Nigeria, South Africa to partner on Post Bank and agriculture—Consul-General


Nigeria`s Consul General in South Africa, Ambassador  Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said on Monday that Nigeria and South Africa are planning to sign an agreement on a post bank and agriculture.

Ajulu-Okeke  in an interview in  Johannesburg stated  that the Nigerian Government was exploring an opportunity through a private consortium to link Post Bank of South Africa with NIPOST.

“ The Nigerian Government is exploring the opportunity through a private consortium to see how we can join Post Bank of South Africa and NIPOST of Nigeria.

“ If the platform works, Nigerians in South Africa can go to post bank and pay money while their relations will get it in form of Western Union from the post office,” she said.

Ajulu-Okeke also said an agreement being planned would enable the country to harness the potentials inherent in its good arable land to boost agricultural production.

The ambassador said Imo, Abia and Edo states have huge rubber plantations which a South African firm, Plastic SA, was interested in.

“ Abia, Imo and Edo states have huge rubber plantations and Plastic SA is going to Malaysia to import raw rubber.

“ I made contact with them and they have gone to Imo and are preparing to visit Abia and Edo states with the possibility of importing rubber from Nigeria,” she said.

Ajulu-Okeke said the agreement would also open more opportunities for Nigeria to leverage on opportunities in South Africa.

She also urged Nigerians to explore the opportunities in South Africa by venturing into export business as some firms needed raw materials.