Nigeria on standby to host Africa Rugby Cup

Anulika Menanya

Nigeria has been asked to be on standby to host the 2016 African Rugby Cup 1C Tournament in case Morocco fails to meet up with obligations to host the tournament.

It would be recalled that Nigeria placed a bid to host the 2016 Africa Cup 1C in Lagos but after careful considerations, the Executive Committee said it had awarded the hosting rights to Morocco.

According to a mail sent to the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, through Coralie Vandenberg; the operations manager of Rugby Africa, the apex rugby body in Africa, they resolved that should Morocco be faced with the security threats or no longer in a position to host the tournament, the executive committee will reconsider its position and advise sufficiently ahead of time.

Speaking with the President of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, Sir Fom Edward Pam in Abuja,  he said that the move to host the African Cup 1C here in Nigeria was part of the Federation’s strategy to popularize the sport in the country.

‘However we will not let this distract us from our goal to get promoted to 1B.’