Nigeria takes steps to curb gas flaring

Latifat Afegbua, Abuja

The Minister of State for Environment, Ibrahim Jibril, has described gas flaring as one of the key issues contributing to emissions and global warming.

The Minister said this during an interview after the opening of a one day dialogue workshop on Low carbon growth for Nigeria  and policy coherence in the interest of Nigerians, held on Friday in Abuja.

According to Alhaji Jibril “if you look at the oil sector where the main revenue comes into the federation, you will discover that there are lots of environmental degradation as a result of oil spillage that has happened over the decades”. 

He noted that if Nigeria is able to stop gas flaring and channel it into another useful venture, it would impact positively on the environment and agricultural.

“We are fully aware that most of our people nowadays use firewood as a source of cooking, which apart from being harmful to the environment also affects the health of our women “ the Minister said.

Jibril said that gas flaring could be channeled into liquefied form that can be used for cooking, which will eliminate emissions, stop deforestation and enhance the health women in the country.

Also speaking during the workshop, Professor Emmanuel Oladipo, of the Department of Geography in the University of Lagos, noted that climate change adaptation must be linked to sustainable development and transition towards a low carbon economy.

In the area of Agriculture, Professor Oladipo, said that there is a need to improve soil nutrients management and include tree farming system because of deforestation due to use of trees for firewood.